Reina Ceramic Set


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The gorgeous glint of metallic in these handcrafted plates makes them a unique blend of rustic serving dish and fine dining tableware. If you are looking for bowls with a real point of difference, we adore the Reina set of tableware. Simple, beautiful, and truly innovative, your guests will have never seen dishes like these before.



Ceramic Set of 6 soup bowls and 6 dipping bowls

Stunning range of Reina ceramic bowls is created from earthen hand finished ceramics. Each piece is individually finished to exacting standards of excellence. With a cut above all else, the Reina collection is guaranteed to add unprecedented sophistication to your table decor.

The 6 place setting includes:

  • 6 X Ceramic Soup/ Bowls
  • 6 X Dipping/Spice Bowls

Premium Black Slate matte glazing
Exclusive Stylised Design with each piece individually hand finished
Clay Mixing – Italian Milling Machines
Superior Quality Assurance Testing
Dishwasher Safe
Non Breakage Protected Piece Packaging