Bohemian Rug


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  • Measurements: 
    • 45cm”L x 45cm”W
    • 50cm”L x 75cm”W
    • 75cm”L x 125cm”W
    • 125cm”L x 190cm”W
    • 150cm”L x 220cm”W
    • 200cm”L x 250cm”W
  • Materials: 60% Wool, 40% Cotton
  • Color: Charcoal, White


Full of artistic patterns and inspired by designs across the world, this Bohemian Rug will complete your global decor. It’s hand-woven by hand by tapestry artisans, features dark and neutral shades in charcoal and white hues and woven with a blend of durable Cotton and Wool. Easy to clean, this rug does not have a pile.